utorok 2. októbra 2007

Citát na dnes

"A thing I never know when telling a story is how much scenery to bung in. I’ve asked one or two scriveners of my acquaintance, and their views differ. A fellow I met at a cocktail party in Bloomsbury said that he was for describing kitchen sinks and frowsty bedrooms and squalor generally, but the beauties of Nature, no. Whereas, Freddie Oaker, of the Drones, who does tales of pure love for the weeklies under the pen-name of Alicia Seymour, once told me that he reckoned that flowery meadows in springtime alone were worth at least a hundred quid a year to him."

-- P.G. Wodehouse, Thank you, Jeeves (Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1934), s.27-28

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