štvrtok 1. januára 2009

Citát dňa

Slavoj Žižek môže byť vytretý stalinista, ktorého písačky sa oplatí čítať len ako vrcholne zábavné/perverzné intelektuálne kratochvílenie, ale niekedy sa mu zadarí aj niečo naozaj trefné:
My personal experience is that practically all of the "radical" academics silently count on the long-term stability of the American capitalist model, with the secure tenured position as their ultimate professional goal (a surprising number of them even play on the stock market). If there is a thing they are gen­uinely horrified of, it is a radical shattering of the (relatively) safe life environ­ment of the "symbolic classes" in the developed Western societies. Their exces­sive Politically Correct zeal when dealing with sexism, racism, Third World sweatshops, etc., is thus ultimately a defense against their own innermost identi­fication, a kind of compulsive ritual whose hidden logic is: "Let's talk as much as possible about the necessity of a radical change to make sure that nothing will really change!"

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